Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dental waste!!!

I know I just talked about this but today I went to the dentist and was appalled! All the plastic! Plastic packaging, plastic toothbrush, plastic case of dental floss with only 4.4 yds. on it, more stupid dental floss on plastic handles, plastic travel toothpastes, and, of course, a plastic bag to hold it all in!!! Also, for presents they hand out plastic toys! I took a pencil for my toy. We need dentists, but we also need the world! If they could just try to be just a little more eco-friendly, what a change it would make.   


  1. Hey Lily! I completely feel your frustration on that one!! Argh... so much waste! Although the products are complimentary, I choose to say "no thank you" because the waste associated with all of those little individual products just irks me too much. You should totally write a letter to your dentist... you never know what changes he/she might make :)

  2. My dentist gives flowers and toothbrushes, but I hear you on all the plastic. And double-wrapped sometimes, too! Ugh!