Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's theme is Styrofoam.

Styrofoam is terrible! It takes more than 5,000 years to biodegrade! I was so upset today because at school we had a tornado warning, so we had indoor recess and lunch in our classrooms. Hot lunch is served on Styrofoam plates that are normally recycled. Well, since we were in our classrooms and not the cafeteria, the platters were not recycled! Everyone just threw them away without a second glance. I had to close my eyes and look away to even muster up enough courage to throw it away. To top it all off, we went to a local ice cream store after school for a snack. Unfortunately, they serve the ice cream in MORE Styrofoam! I feel so guilty. Looking back on it I could have at least washed the bowl and brought it back next time we went for ice cream.


  1. So glad you're thinking about it.

    ...and speaking up on your blog.
    A lot of our waste is just from lack of thinking.

    Thinking is the first step.
    Then action.

  2. Maybe get your ice cream in a cone next time?? ;) I prefer a cone... no cup, no spoon... no waste. :D

  3. Yay for waste-free ice cream cones!

    Do you ever bring your own lunch to school? That way you can avoid the Styrofoam altogether.

  4. I did last year, but I changed schools and now they have hot lunch. I think my mom my be burned out and I am a menace in the kitchen!!!